Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Letter to Boris

Dear Mayor Johnson
The BBC today reported that Transport for London will now "look closely" at Bow Interchange in relation to cycling. It will also direct cyclists away from the junction during the Olympics next year. This is not a plan.

Even when your organisation is finally prodded into action by the sickening deaths of two cyclists in such a short period of time, the proposals are "too little, too late" in the extreme.

Your comments last week were insensitive and dismissive. I expect leadership from the Mayor of London, and, despite your obvious support for cycling, you are fast losing the support of London cyclists and potential cyclists - despite, I suggest, no increase in support from drivers, and certainly no decrease in air pollution levels.

Your policies are increasing the take-up of cycling, but how long before the first Hire Bike death is reported ? And the second ? And the first BorisBike death on a Cycling Superhighway ?  You really must follow through on the policies that you have initiated - CS3 is largely separated from roads and gets a 9/10 - but then the more recent CS2 would be a joke in blue paint, if it were not that it is killing and injuring people.

Yours sincerely
Mark (surname withheld from Blog)
London E14